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Americans in Paris
by Charles Glass


Americans in Paris tells for the first time the true story of the thousands of Americans who stayed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. This tale of adventure, intrigue, passion and deceit exposes the lives of Americans caught up in war from the day the German army marched into Paris in June 1944 and took many of them into the Paris underground, the Maquis and the concentration camps.

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The Northern Front
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: The Northern Front

The Northern Front is an eyewitness account of the Iraqi opposition's preparations for the American invasion, the Kurdish planning in northern Iraq and the early stages of the war when some of the opposition moved to the south.

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The Tribes Triumphant
by Charles Glass


The Tribes Triumphant completes the story of Charles Glass' earlier Middle East adventure, Tribes With Flags, after his kidnapping by Hizballah in Lebanon.

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Tribes With Flags
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Tribes With Flags

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Money For Old Rope
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Money For Old Rope

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american empire

My hero: Noam Chomsky
The Guardian 
"My heroes have always been cowboys," Willie Nelson sang, a sentiment I shared when I was a child in California. My hero in my teenage years, while most of my contemporaries were demonstrating against the US war in Vietnam, was the greatest cowboy star of them all, John Wayne. When I was 16, he gave me a job. I admired...

The Warrior Class: A golden age for the freelance soldier
Harper's Magazine 
Tim Spicer's career as a soldier of fortune seemed over by 2001, when he attended a lunch at the Royal College of Defence Studies in London. Founded in 1927 to train officers and diplomats for imperial service, the college, now housed in a Belgrave Square mansion, provides a discreet venue for current and former military officers to meet high-fliers from...

Obama: Transparently Opaque
Taki's Magazine 
What's going on with Barack "Open Government" Obama? His Justice Department has prosecuted more people for exposing government secrets than all the presidents from George "I cannot tell a lie" Washington to George "I cannot tell the truth" Bush combined. Compared to his predecessors' three prosecutions in more than two centuries, Obama has added five in less than two-and-a-half years....

An Expat Named Superman
Taki's Magazine 
There were two huge stories last week in American mythmaking: The United States has slain Public Enemy Number One, and Superman is renouncing his American citizenship. Barack Obama may exult in the first, but he should beware the second. The Man of Steel's renunciation of his adopted homeland may represent more in American mythology than the extrajudicial execution of a...

War: Still a Racket
Taki's Magazine 
Barack Obama campaigned for president on a promise to end the war in Iraq and "finish the job against al Qaeda in Afghanistan." More than two years after he took the oath of office, American forces remain in Afghanistan and Iraq. Instead of eliminating two wars, he has lunged into a third in Libya. How is it that a nation...

An Open Letter to the US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates
Taki's Magazine 
Dear Dr. Gates, Your cautious appraisal of a proposed American military intervention in Libya is an important warning from a public servant unafraid to speak unpopular truths. While all liberty-loving people abhor the Libyan regime's cruelty and repression, I agree with your observation to a House subcommittee: "A no-fly zone begins with an attack on Libya to destroy the...

Henry Kissinger's Fakepolitik
Taki's Magazine 
Henry Kissinger should emulate Old Marley's ghost, which "floated out upon the bleak, dark night" from the chambers of Mr. Ebenezer Scrooge. It was a gentle, necessary departure from our world that allowed Scrooge to confront his past and contemplate his future. Although Kissinger remains alive, if that is the right word, at the age of 87, the ghosts of...

The Secular Fatwa on Julian Assange
Taki's Magazine 
In February 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa inciting the faithful to murder author Salman Rushdie for blasphemy. Within a few days, professional writers convened in London, New York, and elsewhere to discuss countering this threat. In London, we met at the National Union of Journalists' offices in Gray's Inn Road. We had fierce arguments about how to best defend...

The Spy Who Taxed Me
Taki's Magazine 
Everyone is a spy now. The state has always spied on its citizens, but the lens is turning the other way. For that, we are indebted to Julian Assange, Wikileaks, and the sources passing along military and diplomatic documents. This turnabout redresses the balance between government and public to a small extent, but the state's resources still outweigh ours. After...

U.S. Intelligence Falls for Make-Believe Mullah
Taki's Magazine 
Sometimes a story brings an era into focus, and that story now is the saga of fake Mullah Akhtar Muhammad Mansour. He was ostensibly a senior Taliban official, and American bureaucrats thought they were negotiating with him. "But now, it turns out," Carlotta Gall and Dexter Filkins wrote in a brilliantly understated New York Times report, "Mr. Mansour was apparently...

The Drifting Capital of Terror
Taki's Magazine 
The printer cartridge bombs which nearly blew up U.S.-bound commercial jets have turned Sana'a, Yemen, into the new world terror capital. Terror, which the United States treats as if it were a state, has had many capitals and will undoubtedly have many more in this seemingly perpetual battle against evil. Right before September 11, 2001, terrorism's capital was Kabul. Since...

Let it Leak: Wikileaks and Patriotic Whistle-Blowing
Taki's Magazine. 
Spare a kind thought for my old friend Michael Morrell's oldest son, Geoff, the Pentagon's Press Secretary. The Defense Department has tasked poor Geoff with providing its public reaction to Julian Assange's Wikileaks disclosure on Saturday of 391,832 documents relating to America's war in Iraq. The new flood of "Pentagon Papers"-style documents detail a pattern of US soldiers murdering civilians...

Barack Obama, Dick Cheney, and Privatized War
Taki's Magazine 
Sixty-six years ago this month, the American and Free French forces landed in southern France to liberate this half of the country, link up with General Eisenhower in the north and drive the Germans back to Berlin. After the US Seventh Army landed at Saint Tropez and nearby beaches, it famously fought its way "from the Riviera to the Rhine."...

Self-evident Truths
Taki's Magazine 
For Barack Obama on the Eve of His Inauguration as President of the United States....

Squaring the circle
The New Statesman 
"The war between George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden defeated both of its protagonists," says Gilles Kepel in his provocative study of the war on terror and the Middle East. But there's too much else to lose for America or the jihadis to withdraw from the conflict. Review of Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: the Future of the Middle East...

Can Obama change the Middle East? No, he can't
The First Post 
Patrick Tyler provides a misguided excuse for America's ongoing role in the catastrophe that is the Middle East, says Charles Glass...

London Review of Books Vol. 28, No. 5 
When I was five years old, the first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, Nikita Khrushchev, threatened to bury me. That was in 1956, when he buried the Hungarian Revolution. In California we welcomed Hungarian victims of Soviet brutality while finding no room for the Guatemalans whose democracy the CIA had crushed two years earlier. We were trained to ignore...

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