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Americans in Paris
by Charles Glass


Americans in Paris tells for the first time the true story of the thousands of Americans who stayed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. This tale of adventure, intrigue, passion and deceit exposes the lives of Americans caught up in war from the day the German army marched into Paris in June 1944 and took many of them into the Paris underground, the Maquis and the concentration camps.

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The Northern Front
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: The Northern Front

The Northern Front is an eyewitness account of the Iraqi opposition's preparations for the American invasion, the Kurdish planning in northern Iraq and the early stages of the war when some of the opposition moved to the south.

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The Tribes Triumphant
by Charles Glass


The Tribes Triumphant completes the story of Charles Glass' earlier Middle East adventure, Tribes With Flags, after his kidnapping by Hizballah in Lebanon.

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Tribes With Flags
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Tribes With Flags

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Money For Old Rope
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Money For Old Rope

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Toulouse attacks harm Palestinians in their own name
The National 
It started in France in 1894, when a Viennese journalist covered the Paris treason trial of Captain Alfred Dreyfus. "In Paris, as I have said, I achieved a freer attitude toward anti-Semitism," Theodor Herzl wrote in his diary. "Above all, I recognised the emptiness and futility of trying to 'combat' anti-Semitism." That futility led him to propose an escape from...

The London Review of Books 
Review of Levant: Splendour and Catastrophe on the Mediterranean by Philip Mansel John Murray, 480 pp, £10.99, September 2011, ISBN 978 0 7195 6708 7 Beirut by Samir Kassir, translated by M.B. Debevoise California, 656 pp, £19.95, December 2011, ISBN 978 0 520 27126 5...

A revolution in 1972 where Palestinians first lost their way
The National 
Despite what you read, this year's Arab Spring is not the first Arab revolution of the modern era. There have been many. The first were against colonial occupation. French cannon and aircraft levelled one quarter of Damascus in 1925, inflicting more destruction than Bashar Al Assad's current assaults on Deraa, Idlib, Homs and Hama. Britain bombed Kurds and Arabs in...

The Two-State Solution
Taki's Magazine 
Try to see it from the other guy's point of view. He may be wrong. He may be, at least partly, right. Today, I am trying hard to see life from the point of view of an Israeli settler in the occupied West Bank. I have known a few, including one named Benzion Gruber, whom I liked. Benzi Gruber was...

Taki's Magazine 
You have to love Likud, Israel's governing party. Its politicians may not be as smooth as Labor's grandees, but they are usually more honest. An Israeli saying that dates back to the early 1970s asserts: "The Labor Party announces one settlement and builds ten. The Likud Party announces ten settlements and builds one."...

A needless death in Gaza, and one less witness to its plight
The National 
The spectacle of a European or North American hostage - shackled and blindfolded - has been a recurring sight in the Middle East since kidnapping became a political weapon in Lebanon in 1982. More often than not, the culprits claimed their captives were spies, soldiers or agents of foreign powers. That was usually, though not always, a lie....

Goldstone's Guide to Gaza
Taki's Magazine 
It takes courage to confront Israel on the battlefield. Egypt, Syria, and Jordan's puffed-up armies learned that lesson in June 1967, when six days of combat forced them to throw in the towel. Courage is also necessary to take on Israel in the court of public opinion, something the once-respected South African jurist Richard Goldstone ought to have considered. When...

Britain can never atone for its colonial past
The National 
David Cameron spoke with unusual candour for a British prime minister a few days ago when he told university students in Islamabad: "I don't want to try to insert Britain in some leading role where, as with so many of the world's problems, we are responsible for the issue in the first place." He was speaking of Kashmir, but he...

Why Libertarians Should Support the Palestinians
Taki's Magazine 
Israel is at it again, caught by its own free press with its hand in the till-not so much the till as the land that other people till. The Israeli press is not only free, it exposes official malfeasance, and reporter Nir Hasson of the daily Haaretz wrote last Friday:...

Israel's Great Loyalty Oath Crusade
Taki's Magazine 
Captain Black from Catch-22 is back, but this time he's Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister. Although Avigdor Lieberman only rose to the rank of corporal in the Israeli Defense Forces, he can stand in for Captain Black any day. His campaign to force immigrants to Israel who happen not to be Jewish to pledge full support for "Jewish and democratic" Israel...

Counterpoint: Land and Sovereignty
The New York Times 
In the elegant and incisive style that characterizes all of his writing, James Carroll set out in these pages ("The wandering Jew and the mad Saracen," Views, Aug. 12) the theological genesis of the dispute in Israel-Palestine. Mr. Carroll presented a compelling vision of Christian religious prejudice against both Jews and Muslims that he believes informs this seemingly intractable conflict....

The Gaza Flotilla and Israel's Many, Many Rights
Taki's Magazine 
Anybody can support Israel when times are good and The Timeses in London and New York write about Israeli entrepreneurs in Herzliya, Nobel prizes for physicians, and the blooming desert. That's easy. How about now, though, when Israeli forces have blasted a humanitarian convoy at sea and killed nine people bringing food, medicine, baby clothes, and building supplies? When the...

Under Siege: On Emma Williams
The Nation 
It's Easier to Reach Heaven Than the End of the Street A Jerusalem Memoir. By Emma Williams. Foreword by Brian Urquhart. Olive Branch Press. 412 pp. Paper $16. In October 2000 most of the children invited by Dr. Emma Williams to her son Archie's seventh birthday party failed to turn up. Distance was not the issue, given that her house...

Belts Gleaming
The London Review of Books 
* 1948: A Soldier's Tale, the Bloody Road to Jerusalem by Uri Avnery, translated by Christopher Costello * Israel's Vicious Circle by Uri Avnery, edited by Sara Powell...

"The Ordeals of Gaza"
Lecture at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London 
Israeli military spokesmen, justifying their army's assault on the Gaza Strip, said the war was about Sderot. In a way, they were right. It is about Sderot. In 1948, where Sderot houses Israeli Jews today, there was a village called Najd - Arabic for a high plateau. It was home to about seven hundred people, most of them small farmers....

Self-evident Truths
Taki's Magazine 
For Barack Obama on the Eve of His Inauguration as President of the United States....

The power network
The New Statesman 
Publicly, Israel will not do business with those who do not recognise it. But behind the scenes is a complex web of international contacts....

Obituary of Imad Mougnieh: Elusive Hizbollah leader
The Independent 
The United States had credited Mougnieh with the 1983 bombing of its embassy in Beirut and the destruction of the US Marine headquarters later that year, the hijacking of TWA flight 847 in 1985 and the kidnappings of dozens of American citizens in Lebanon throughout the 1980s. Israel blamed him for the suicide bombing that levelled its military command centre...

The life of a hostage: terrifying, unjust and expendable
The Independent 
Alan Johnston told a press conference after his release yesterday morning, "They did threaten my life a number of times. There was one 24-hour period when they seemed to get very angry and chained me up, but that only lasted 24 hours."...

A patriotic thought experiment
Taki's Top Drawer 
"I am going to teach [them] to elect good men." --President Woodrow Wilson, referring to his decision in 1914 to invade Mexico. (Quoted in Peter Smith, Talons of the Eagle: Dynamics of U.S.-Latin American Relations. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000. page 51.)...

Obituary - Major Derek Cooper, MC, OBE, World War II hero who espoused the Palestinian cause
The Independent 
There was no more improbable sight in Beirut during the brutal Israeli siege of 1982 than a graceful and elegant English couple scrabbling through bombed buildings to rescue injured children. Derek Cooper was 70 and his second wife Pamela 72 when they went to Lebanon to alleviate some of the suffering that Ariel Sharon's onslaught was inflicting on its Palestinian...

London Review of Books Vol. 28, No. 5 
When I was five years old, the first secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, Nikita Khrushchev, threatened to bury me. That was in 1956, when he buried the Hungarian Revolution. In California we welcomed Hungarian victims of Soviet brutality while finding no room for the Guatemalans whose democracy the CIA had crushed two years earlier. We were trained to ignore...

Walled Off: Sharon's fence turns villages into prisons
The American Conservative 
Az-Zawieh, West Bank - The soldier, automatic rifle slung over his shoulder like a kid's backpack, approached the car and announced, "This is a closed military area." Whenever the Israeli army wants to exclude prying eyes from some corner of its occupied territories, an officer declares a "closed military area." The incantation permits the army to conceal some of the...

'It was necessary to uproot them'
London Review of Books 
Reviews of: A History of Modern Palestine: One Land, Two Peoples by Ilan Pappe Cambridge, 333 pp, £15.99 The Gun and the Olive Branch by David Hirst Faber, 624 pp, £16.99 The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem Revisited by Benny Morris Cambridge, 664 pp, £70.00...

A Palestinian Mandela?
The New Statesman 
One place to look for the "new and different Palestinian leadership" that President George Bush demanded last Monday, is Petach Tikva Prison near Tel Aviv. In the solitary confinement of his cell, Marwan Barghouthi has been charged with terrorist offences against Israel and awaits trial....

Sharon, the failed kingmaker
The Guardian 
Voices in Israel, including within Ariel Sharon's cabinet, are calling on their prime minister to crown his reconquista of the West Bank by naming a new Palestinian leader. If he does so, it will be his second exercise in Arab kingmaking. The first was 20 years ago in Lebanon. Eighteen years and thousands of dead later, Israelis were as happy...

Palestine's Petain?
The Guardian 
Yasser Arafat Has Escaped Again - But His People Are Having To Pay For His Liberty The old fox escaped the hencoop again. For almost two weeks, Yasser Arafat has paraded through the ravaged streets of the West Bank as if he had won Palestine's war of independence. It was like old times, with Sharon squeezing him, then letting him...

Ending the occupation
Paris The return of Secretary of State Colin Powell to Israel has revived language that, until now, the Bush administration has avoided: peace process, peace partner and the other words that implied America would intervene in negotiations. The United States has been forced to act, because tolerance of Israeli military assaults in the occupied territories encourages demonstrators to destabilise allied...

Empty chair protest as Israelis ban Arafat from Bethlehem special Mass
The Daily Telegraph 
At Midnight Mass in St Catherine's Roman Catholic Church, the senior Roman Catholic clergyman in the Holy Land, Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah, addressed an absent guest - Yasser Arafat....

The scene is set for another Lebanon
The New Statesman 
Another Palestinian has killed himself in Jerusalem. He was walking towards the David Citadel Hotel in King David Street, where two Israeli ministers were staying. The minister of public security, Uzi Landau, and the religious affairs minister, Asher Ohana, could not have known that the boy was on his way to kill them....

The first casualty
The Observer 
IN 1984 I filed a report to ABC News on Israeli death squads in south Lebanon that was never broadcast. My camera crew and I had spent a week travelling the roads of south Lebanon in the tracks of plainclothes assassins whom United Nations soldiers and officials, charity workers, villagers and guerrillas all claimed were locating and shooting individual Lebanese...

When in doubt, just bomb Lebanon
The Daily Star 
When Israel gets angry, try not to be Lebanese. It doesn't seem to matter who provokes Israel's wrath, its government cannot break the habit of taking it out on Lebanon. It used to get mad at the Palestine Liberation Organization, and, sure as shooting, it would bomb Lebanon. Now, when it loses patience with Syria, it considers carefully what to...

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