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Americans in Paris
by Charles Glass


Americans in Paris tells for the first time the true story of the thousands of Americans who stayed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. This tale of adventure, intrigue, passion and deceit exposes the lives of Americans caught up in war from the day the German army marched into Paris in June 1944 and took many of them into the Paris underground, the Maquis and the concentration camps.

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The Northern Front
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: The Northern Front

The Northern Front is an eyewitness account of the Iraqi opposition's preparations for the American invasion, the Kurdish planning in northern Iraq and the early stages of the war when some of the opposition moved to the south.

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The Tribes Triumphant
by Charles Glass


The Tribes Triumphant completes the story of Charles Glass' earlier Middle East adventure, Tribes With Flags, after his kidnapping by Hizballah in Lebanon.

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Tribes With Flags
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Tribes With Flags

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Money For Old Rope
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Money For Old Rope

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In the Syria we don't know
The New York Review of Books 
A young woman in Damascus produced a smart phone from her handbag and asked, "May I show you something?" The phone's screen displayed a sequence of images. The first was a family photograph of a sparsely bearded young man in his twenties. Beside him were two boys, who appeared to be five and six, in T-shirts. The young man and...

Without peace in Syria, the beheadings will not stop
The Sunday Telegraph 
The militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State (Isil) have murdered another western captive, Alan Henning. Henning, like his fellow humanitarian worker David Haines, had gone to Syria out of compassion for its people in the midst of a vicious civil war. His sympathy and bravery did not matter to Isil anymore than the pleas for mercy by the Henning and...

Speech delivered by Charles Glass at the Chalke Valley History Festival
A terrible war has been taking place in Syria since 2011, It is a contemporary struggle, but this is a history festival. So, a little history. First a story. During the Cold War, a joke was circulating in Damascus. Pollsters were asking people around the world for their answer to the question, "What is your opinion of eating meat?" In...

Syria: On the Way to Genocide?
The New York Review of Books 
The commander is thirty-six years old. A few strands of white in his dark, curly hair make him seem older, as do his words. He points to six young men, posed like football players in a team photograph on a wall of his forward command post, and says, "Two are martyrs, two are prisoners, and two are still working." By...

'Stop the blood': Years of war drain once-passionate Syrians aiming to topple Assad
NBC News 
DAMASCUS, Syria - In 2011, Syrian activists were inspired and believed they were capable of ousting President Bashar Assad. Now, after living through two and half years of violent war, many are exhausted and discouraged....

What are your chances if you're a Syrian citizen now?
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
This is a bad time to be a Syrian. Will the two sides tearing your country apart meet in Geneva to end the war? Is either side deploying chemical weapons? Is anyone willing to give up the baby before Solomon's sword falls?...

The silence on Syria
In a candid interview, Laura Hughes talks to journalist Charles Glass about Syria and the silence eminating from the world powers...

Outsiders have not improved life in either Syria or Iraq
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
This month Iraq and Syria are both noting, but not celebrating, anniversaries of violence that transformed the two societies....

The last thing Syrians need is more arms going to either side
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
Russia and Iran are providing weapons and ammunition to Syria's President Assad, while Saudi Arabia and Qatar deliver arms through Turkey to his opponents. John Kerry, the US secretary of state, has just announced that the US is increasing its non-lethal assistance to the rebels by a further $60m. Britain is asking the EU to lift its embargo on arms...

There is no 'noble war' that will justify this bloodshed
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
After the terrible bloodletting on the battlefields, the fever began to die down. People looked war in the face with cooler, harder eyes than in those first months of enthusiasm, and their sense of solidarity began to weaken, since no one could see any sign of the great "moral cleansing" that philosophers and writers had so grandiloquently proclaimed. - Stefan...

Charles Glass on Syria's Mutual Destruction and the Unconvincing Fears of Assad's Chemical Weapons
Democracy Now 
Veteran journalist Charles Glass joins us to discuss his recent trip to Syria and its largest city, Aleppo. Addressing U.S.-led warnings that the Assad regime could deploy chemical warfare, Glass says: "I think it's pretty clear that the Syrians have never used chemical weapons, that there is no advantage to them to use chemical weapons. The areas where there is...

Aleppo: How Syria Is Being Destroyed
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
This year, Aleppo will produce no soap. The late-medieval souks in which craftsmen fashioned blocks of the famous olive oil and laurel savon d'Alep succumbed to a conflagration during battles at the end of September. The Jubayli family's soap factory inside the Mamelukes' thirteenth-century Qinnasrin Gate survived the inferno, but relentless combat has left it inaccessible to workers and owners...

The colonial-era division of spoils draws a map of Syria's uncertainty
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
Syrians used to tell a joke about a survey that asked "what is your opinion of eating meat?" This was during the Cold War, so people in Poland answered, "What do you mean by 'meat'?" In Ethiopia, the response was, "What do you mean by 'eating'?" But in Syria, the universal response was, "What do you mean by 'what is...

Syria's refugees pay a cruel price as the conflict keeps spreading
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
A Syrian friend of mine complained, rightly, that both sides in the country's civil war have had a hand in destroying his house....

Charles Glass: With Annan's Exit and Influx of Foreign Arms, Syria's Violence "Seems the Only Way Out"
Kofi Annan's resignation is a serious setback for anyone who'd hoped that there could be a diplomatic resolution to this conflict. He was the go-between between amongst the U.S., Russia, Saudi Arabia, the opposition, and the regime, and he was the only person that was put there by the United Nations and the Arab League who could carry messages amongst...

Syria can be preserved by the subtle route of compromise
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
In the past week, Syrian opposition groups have issued two contrasting appeals to the international community. On Saturday 28 July, the Syrian National Council demanded new and better weaponry for the insurgents battling the Bashar al-Assad regime. "We want weapons that would stop tanks and jet fighters," SNC chief Abdul-Basset Sieda told a news conference in Abu Dhabi. Two days...

The Country That Is the World: Syria's Clashing Communities
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
The population of Syria is so inharmonious a gathering of widely different races in blood, in creed, and in custom, that government is both difficult and dangerous. - Sir Mark Sykes, Dar Ul-Islam: A Record of a Journey through Ten of the Asiatic Provinces of Turkey (1904)...

Syria's many new friends are a self-interested bunch
The National 
Last week France hosted the third conference of the Group of Friends of the Syrian People, a collection of 107 countries and organisations modelled on the Friends of Libya who cheer-led Nato's air war in that country....

Syria: The Citadel & the War
The State of Syria: Past, Present and Future 
Archaeologists believe that human beings settled on the hilltop that became Aleppo - some 225 miles north of Damascus - around eight thousand years ago. Cuneiform tablets from the third millennium BC record the construction of a temple to a chariot-riding storm god, usually called Hadad; while mid-second-millennium Hittite archives point to the settlement's growing political and economic power. Its...

Veteran Mideast Journalist Charles Glass on Syria's Violence & the Prospect of Military Intervention
Democracy Now 
The United States and 11 other countries have formally expelled Syrian diplomats following a massacre of more than 100 people in the village of Houla. U.N.-Arab League envoy Kofi Annan now says Syria has reached a "tipping point" after more than a year of conflict. We're joined by Charles Glass, an award-winning journalist, author and broadcaster specializing in the Middle...

Colonial threads combine to strangle a sectarian Syria
The National 
Twenty-five years ago, I travelled by land through what geographers called Greater Syria to write a book. I began in Alexandretta, the seaside northern province that France ceded to Turkey in 1939, on my way south through modern Syria to Lebanon. From there, my intended route went through Israel and Jordan. My destination was Aqaba, the first Turkish citadel of...

The London Review of Books 
Review of Levant: Splendour and Catastrophe on the Mediterranean by Philip Mansel John Murray, 480 pp, £10.99, September 2011, ISBN 978 0 7195 6708 7 Beirut by Samir Kassir, translated by M.B. Debevoise California, 656 pp, £19.95, December 2011, ISBN 978 0 520 27126 5...

As a civil war develops in Syria, reporters should not take sides
The National 
Nigeria buried the remains this week of Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu, who died last November in Britain, in his village of Nweni. Col Ojukwu was a military governor in May 1967 when he declared the south-eastern province of Biafra independent. While the Igbo people of Biafra had suffered severe violence and discrimination, Col Ojukwu was unprepared for the two-year civil war that...

Aleppo betrayed by attacks that are foreign to its nature
The National 
Aleppo is a town of eminent consequence, and in all ages its fame has flown high. The kings who have sought its hand in marriage are many, and it place in our soul is dear. - Ibn Jubayr, Arab-Andalusian traveller, June 1184...

Decades of foreign bumbling push Syrians towards war
The National 
Syria's leading poet Ali Ahmad Said Asbar, better known by his nom de plume Adonis, spoke for many in his country when he said recently: "I'm against the regimes of [Tunisia's Zine el Abidine] Ben Ali and [Syria's Bashar Al] Assad and against the Islamist opposition, because I don't want to fight one despotism for the sake of another."...

History has not been kind to Syria's desire for change
The National 
A dog in Lebanon, an old joke goes, was so hungry, mangy and tired of civil war that he escaped to Syria. To the surprise of the other dogs, he returned a few months later. Seeing him better groomed and fatter than before, they asked whether the Syrians had been good to him. "Very good." "Did they feed and wash...

US interference in Syria could bring about another Iraq
The Evening Standard 
The withdrawal of most United States forces from Iraq this week is anything but the end of American military involvement in the Middle East. The latest focus of Washington's attention is Syria, where the United Nations says 5,000 people have been killed since the uprising erupted in March....

We must get the media into Syria to sift truth from lies
London Evening Standard 
Now is the Arab Spring become Syrian winter. Yet Syria faces not simply an uprising against dictatorship but a civil war....

Leave Syria to the Syrians
Taki's Magazine 
This is not a good time to be running the Middle East desk at the State Department. If you happen to be him or her, take my advice: Do nothing. Especially in Syria. Let all the think tanks and lobbyists submit their recommendations. Ask the CIA for the usual analysis. Tell the Israelis, which you would anyway, that you'll put...

Britain can never atone for its colonial past
The National 
David Cameron spoke with unusual candour for a British prime minister a few days ago when he told university students in Islamabad: "I don't want to try to insert Britain in some leading role where, as with so many of the world's problems, we are responsible for the issue in the first place." He was speaking of Kashmir, but he...

From Beirut to Damascus
The Nation 
In the autumn of 1972, arriving in Lebanon as a graduate student at the American University of Beirut, I discovered radical student politics. The mainly Palestinian-led student movements were only a few years behind Paris and New York, and strikes were common. When police raided sit-ins, students sang "We Shall Overcome." Discussions went on all night....

Bashar Assad: The Syrian Sphinx
The Independent 
When Syria's young president, Bashar Assad, contemplates the forces ranged against him, he may recall that his father faced greater odds and won. Bashar was only 16 in 1982, when an uprising by Islamic fundamentalists and an Israeli invasion of Lebanon threatened the survival of the regime....

Is Syria next?
The London Review of Books 
Amid the squat concrete towers and traffic bridges of the new and expanding Damascus, a few mud-brick houses endure like Palaeolithic mammals resisting the inevitability of extinction. Massive apartment blocks modelled on those of the Soviet Union and hotels straight from the American Midwest are transforming the Syrian capital into an Occidental artefact. Oriental structures, struggling under the weight of...

Charles Glass at charlesmglass

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