Boeing Boeing Gone

You can fly safely this Christmas knowing that hundreds of federal agencies and their private contractors are working around the clock to keep the hijackers and bombers out of your economy-class seats. Sit back, buy a double Scotch and soda, and watch the runway lights disappear below as you soar off to Christmas or Hanukkah bliss. Look around. Feeling smug? The bearded young man with the “Free Palestine” tote bag was not allowed to board. Men you’ve never met have been blown away by unpiloted flying bombs to keep them off your flight.

So you are safe, right?
Not since their new and faster jets disrupted Tony Curtis’s carefully balanced love life in the 1965 comedy Boeing Boeing has the Boeing Company caused such worry. The film was about a man who happily juggled romances with three stewardesses who were never in Paris at the same time due to their work schedules. When Boeing brought in the faster jets, the women’s extra Parisian layover time caused scheduling conflicts for Curtis.
Tony’s worries were small beer compared to Boeing’s most recent scandal.
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