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Tribes with Flags on the Kindle


'Tribes With Flags' is the gripping story of Charles Glass's dramatic journey through Greater Syria which provides background context to a troubled region once again in the headlines.

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Americans in Paris
by Charles Glass


Americans in Paris tells for the first time the true story of the thousands of Americans who stayed in Paris during the Nazi occupation. This tale of adventure, intrigue, passion and deceit exposes the lives of Americans caught up in war from the day the German army marched into Paris in June 1940 and took many of them into the Paris underground, the Maquis and the concentration camps.

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The Northern Front
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: The Northern Front

The Northern Front is an eyewitness account of the Iraqi opposition's preparations for the American invasion, the Kurdish planning in northern Iraq and the early stages of the war when some of the opposition moved to the south.

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The Tribes Triumphant
by Charles Glass


The Tribes Triumphant completes the story of Charles Glass' earlier Middle East adventure, Tribes With Flags, after his kidnapping by Hizballah in Lebanon.

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Tribes With Flags
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Tribes With Flags

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Money For Old Rope
by Charles Glass

Charles Glass: Money For Old Rope

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